Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mis experiencias en el programa ENGLISH SUMMER TOWN 2006

Hello everybody,
I just got back to Chiloe yesterday afternoon. Our schedule was hardly intensive, but very interesting and full of learning...we had conferences every morning from 09 to 10 a.m as plenary sessions, then workshops started for each group of more than 15 teachers, I had Computerized Language assesment workshop with Dennis J. from British Columbia Institute of Technology on Monday, next I met Cheryl Ernst from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale about Developing Learning Guides to Integrate Skill Building (Superb!), I missed workshops on Wed and Thursday, and I had Joining a Community of Practice at English Summer Town -Now and Forever with Gjoa Andrichuk from British Columbia Institute of Technology (Very interesting). During our afternoon, I met Marcela Fuentes from UMCE Chile with Pronunciation Games on monday, and a magnificent teacher of Folk Dance, Mrs. Kay Forsyth from Utah University on tuesday ( the best indeed), Global parameters for English Certification on wendesday, and Short Stories fro kids with Margret Guntren from the Cultural Institute and Embassy of the USA. Evenings were funny and motivating, we had Karaoke at an English Pub, a Film, Maori Performance from New Zealand, and English Open Doors Contest of the Ministry of Education. I want to share some interesting pictures, and at the same time I want to say Thanks and Hope to meet you soon again to the teacher colleagues I met this English Summer Town 2006 in Santiago. Thanks for this chance to the Ministry Of Education and the crew of the program English Open Doors.

My teachers Kay F. and Cheryl E. Dennis J. from British Columbia Institute

My college classmate Patricia Poggy Enjoying a conference session

A Maori Dancer fron New Zealand My colleague Ernesto and Kay Forsyth dancing cueca

My colleagues Erica and Luis dancing Square dance and Mr. Danny Glick from Edusoft, Arquimed Chile.

If you want to see more photos write me to and if you happen to have other pics send me some please

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Año Nuevo 2006 en Valdivia.

Mi esposa Claudia disfrutando de la ribera del Calle Calle.

Mercado Municipal acoge actividades culturales como Los Campamentos Musicales de Valdivia 2006.

Cultura en el Mercado Municipal de Valdivia: Enero 2006

Junto a mi esposa disfrutamos el año nuevo en mi ciudad de origen: Valdivia. Disfrutamos de 12 días de cine, paseos a la costa y la Universidad Austral de Chile, y tambien de las delicias de la Feria Fluvial y el Mercado Municipal. Y nos topamos como cada año con Los Campamentos Musicales de Valdivia, organizado y creado por el destacado maestro y colega Roberto Matamala, en el primer piso del Mercado Municipal.

Orquesta Sinfonica de la ciudad deSan Fernando, 10/01/2006.

Felicitaciones al maestro Roberto Matamala y a la I.Municipalidad de Valdivia.

Probando una nueva herramienta editora de posteo para los blogs

Es verano 2006, preparándome espiritualmente acá en Dalcahue Town para asistir a votar como en 36 horas más. Chateando con mi amigo Marcos de Castro, quien descubrió esta herramienta para la edicion de blogs, una que puede ubicarse en el navegador Firefox v.1.5 de internet. Vamos a ver como desde aqui, mi navegador publico directamente este post en mi sitio personal
La herramienta esta en idioma ingles, pero no es dificil de usar para los bloggeros mas avanzados.